Make more reliable financial decisions

Coreen has worked with multi-generational families for more than 30 years to define and reach their goals.

What do wealthy people do differently? They avoid bias. This book is about why and how.

If you’ve ever relied on an alarm clock or skipped the cookie aisle at the grocery store, you can adopt these habits to create more reliable financial and investment decisions.

“Unbiased investor is the perfect book for any investor in the market. Why? There is always financial risk and in periods of volatility there is a tendency to make emotional financial decisions. Coreen lays out the facts, helps you to build the plan, and more importantly, shares why it is critical to stick to the plan for your financial well-being.”

Pattie Lovett-Reid
Former Chief Financial Commentator, CTV News
Chief Financial Commentator, Home Equity Bank

“Investing is sometimes more art than science. Sol demonstrates that ‘art’ is often the science of knowing thyself. more than a systematic review of how psychology influences our decisions i predictable ways, her work guides investors to structure decision-making based on personal values and healthy habits to minimize the suboptimal outcomes.”

Stephen Horan, PhD, CFA, CIPM, CAIA
Executive Editor, Financial Planning Review
CFP Board

“The Unbiased Investor helps uncover our biases and how we make investment decisions that go against our better judgement. Most importantly, it provides ways to develop new approaches and habits that can lead to better financial well-being. A must-read for those on a journey towards rational, thoughtful investing!”

Dr. Charles Chaffin
Author of Numb and
The Psychology of Financial Planning

“A riveting read for anyone who is interested in understanding their relationship to money. I was shocked by how much I learned…even after having worked in the investment industry for over 30 years. Do yourself a favour and read this book.”

Barbara Stewart, CFA
Researcher and Author

“Coreen Sol has a passionate perspective about life. And that applies to her professional activities. She brings a deeply held set of values and analytical skills that collectively create the conditions for fresh insights and patterns that others miss. Unbiased Investor discusses the attributes that led to positive financial decisions, whether they involve day-to-day consumer purchases or more significant transactions.”

Douglas Eyford, KC
Lawyer, Civil Litigator

“In an engaging and accessible fashion, this book helps you negotiate a path to a successful economic future. But, even more than that, it provides you with insights that will enhance how you think about and evaluate your world.”

Mark D. Holder, PhD
Professor, Bermuda College
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Coreen T. Sol, CFA, is an award-winning senior portfolio manager in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has been professionally managing investment assets for multi-generational families and community-based institutions since 1992. Her approach to investing stems from her research and practice in limiting the effect of natural decision biases in financial choices. She also lectured at UBC Okanagan as an adjunct professor in behavioural finance, is quoted often in prominent news articles, and publicly speaks at finance events throughout Canada.

Coreen integrates critical strategies in her practice, including quantitative security selection, tactical rebalancing, and fastidious decision processes to produce consistent performance and structured results.

Unbiased Investor: Reduce Financial Stress and Keep More of Your Money